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3 Advantages Of Upgrading To LED Landscape Lighting

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While LED lighting has become a mainstay throughout homes all over the country, more and more homeowners are starting to discover that it can have many benefits outside of the home as well, particularly when it comes to your home's landscape lighting. If you are one of the many homeowners out there who are considering installing new landscape lighting for your property, or you are looking to update your existing landscape lighting, then this article is for you.

In it, our team of professional Vernon landscaping contractors has taken the time to put together a short list detailing just a few of the advantages that you stand to gain by making the switch to new LED landscape lighting around your home.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to LED lighting, one of the main differences between it and more traditional forms of landscape lighting is the difference in energy efficiency. LED lighting can produce brighter light with less power than any other type of lighting on the market today, which can be handy when you have a great deal of lighting that is going to be powered on for multiple hours of the day or night.

By choosing to upgrade your landscape lighting to LED lighting, you might pay more upfront for the initial bulbs and such, but you stand to gain a great deal in energy savings in the long run, as well as saving on replacement costs since LED lighting traditionally lasts a great deal longer than other types of landscape lighting.

Reduced Maintenance

Another wonderful benefit of LED landscape lighting is its lack of required maintenance. On average, most LED lighting lasts for about 10 years without much outside help, meaning that you won't have to invest in replacement bulbs at nearly the same rate you would have to do so if you were using more traditional lighting methods.

This can severely offset the increased price per bulb that’s common in LED lighting. Additionally, LED lighting bulbs are usually constructed from solid plastic, as opposed to glass, making them highly shatter and impact-resistant, which can be perfect for the outdoors.

Less Heat

One common complaint about landscape lighting is that when there is too much of it, it tends to heat the nearby space, which can make it feel uncomfortable for you and your guests. With LED lighting, however, this isn't an issue. LED lighting produces much less heat than your standard incandescent bulb, making it a highly effective option for your outdoor deck or patio area.

With LED landscape lighting, you can avoid that unnecessary heat build-up that risks making your outdoor social areas uncomfortable, as well as help to avoid any damage to your plants that might be located close to your lighting.

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